Sail Life - Flat cabin sole YAY + knees! DIY sailboat refit

Big progress this week in my DIY sailboat refit! No more walking on the curved surface of the hull!
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  1. östen petersson

    östen petersson

    2 måneder siden

    the rule for paint: always order the whole amount since it is impossible to make the exact same mix twice

  2. Mr Me

    Mr Me

    6 måneder siden

    One thing for sure your dream of fixing up an old boat sure as hell came true! Warrior 38 nope !

  3. Sonny Crockett

    Sonny Crockett

    6 måneder siden

    I have never seen wood in an older boat that didn't rot. ALL wood rots. If it was not a fact then why have companies gone to to no wood except for esthetics.

  4. Scott E

    Scott E

    11 måneder siden

    Love the Michigan shirt in the first section of home state!!

  5. Si Pitak

    Si Pitak

    11 måneder siden

    You should form your own company & design your own boat that is full proof and stand the test of time. I am pretty sure there is a market for it.

  6. Thomas Bonde

    Thomas Bonde

    År siden

    Mads, is there a reason why you don’t use gel coat instead of painting inside the hull?

  7. ltGargoyle


    År siden

    I saw the coolest thing on a sole the other day. the person had placed a 1.5x1.5 sheet of glass over his bilge so he could monitor it without having to open the hatches.

  8. Joel Brown

    Joel Brown

    År siden

    Have you considered installing your chain plates externally? That would eliminate potentially leak prone deck holes.

  9. Adnan Medic

    Adnan Medic

    År siden

    Greeting from the cold Michigan. I plan to remove the stinky carpet from the walls on my Legend 37 in the V Berth, sand it down and paint the walls. Can you suggest a good quality paint for wood and fiberglass? TY

  10. William Hoskins

    William Hoskins

    År siden

    I don't wanna wait till next week ! 😥

  11. Kel W

    Kel W

    År siden

    Did you epoxy the screw holes for fastening the cabin sole? Or, how are you treating those? Keep up the excellent work!

  12. Bob Mullins

    Bob Mullins

    År siden

    Hey Mads... great work! Remember that CopperCoat? Seen this? Thought it might interest you ...Don't want you having that Problem!

  13. Ben Martin

    Ben Martin

    År siden

    Try jotun xp gloss and jotun hb epoxy primer. Used it for the hull and deck on my sail boat. Very good quality for the money.

  14. Tim Jenne

    Tim Jenne

    År siden

    So definitely glass the outside, we say "water always wins" if you glass just the inside, the water will work its way down into the hull causing de-lamination. Up to now, the water found a way out into the core of the knees and bulkheads. Stop it at the source, epoxy, glass and fair, then put the toe-rail on.

  15. Kim Fuck U

    Kim Fuck U

    År siden

    Can you still claim warranty?

  16. Takis Bakalis

    Takis Bakalis

    År siden

    is it common practice to screw in place these plywoods? I've been only in a 43ft sailbot and most of the underdeck was accesible. Yeah the flooring was not that solid but what if you wanna access those places in an emergency ?

  17. Matt Evans-Koch

    Matt Evans-Koch

    År siden

    Thank you for another great bit of glorious sanding and painting and all of the stuff you do so well Mads. Athena is going to be a beautiful piece of art when you get done and a wonderful home afloat for you, Ava and Jurkill. Take care and have a productive week.

  18. Darren Watson

    Darren Watson

    År siden

    Ok, Ive made it to your latest post on the "Project Athena (DIY sailboat restoration)" series. Over all, Ive really enjoyed watching your restoration work and Ive learned a few things on the way here which was great. So, heres my take. Video Quality: On a scale of 0-10. I give it a solid 8. Camera work was great meaning you didnt give me ANY motion sickness and that happens alot with most other peoples post. Presentation: Even though your VERY early videos you didnt seem comfortable in front of the camera your commentary GREATLY improved and you seemed far more comfortable in being in front of the camera. As well as you coming across very likable. I give it 9. Subject matter and presentation of: Simply assume. Your videos were not all beaches, tanned bodies and the smell of coconut oil on some far flung island. Which was VERY refreshing. Most sailing/live aboard videos only show the shinny side of living the Cruising life style. Its been nice to see the underbelly of owning and living aboard a older sailing yacht. Which is really looking like something I may want to do in the near future. Ive been kicking that ideal around for some time now. I give it a 9.5. In short, I loved everything youve done so far and greatly appreciate your effort. Ive learned alot of really kewl things that I should know before buying a Live Aboard and will help after I do. It KILLED me to see had bad the joke "The Joker" was waiting to drop on you. Ha,,,ha funny. Right? I was thinking aw man. Heres this guy that has done some INCREDIBLE work on this boat and now this. The VERY last thing you would want to find. But, after watching what youve done so far. I think youll be alright and Athena will be unbelievable to behold. Personally, I loved the way she looked before you started. Very classy cabin and the layout blew my mind. But, Ive loved what you had been doing up til the point you had to rip it all out. That broke my heart. I felt so bad for you. Athena was looking real sweet. I think you can handle this. Your work to the outside of Athena was spot on. Shes a nice looking boat for sure. Wouldnt mind owning something like her myself. Anyways, dont let it get you down Skipper. Itll all come out in the wash. Hang in there and youll end up with something wonderful that will last, most likely, the rest of your life. Besides,,, Just think of the bragging rights youll have when all is said and done. What a story to tell. Cant wait to watch the next installment. Oh, BTW, I think your missing your calling. Television.

  19. jones smith

    jones smith

    År siden

    Mads its a chain plate not a bomb shelter just saying love the way you do things but it is a little overkill. Cheers and keep the videos coming love them!

    • Gottenhimfella


      År siden

      An offshore sailing boat with a tall modern rig needs to be easily capable of being lifted, fully laden, by one chainplate. Aiming for (say) 50% in excess of this in all facets of the standing rigging and rig is a good (and inexpensive) way of ensuring sound sleep, which in turn is essential to good decision-making in adverse circumstances at sea. IMO.

  20. Ben Mac

    Ben Mac

    År siden

    Avoid hempels. Use it at my current job and absolutely hate it. Have used international in the past and found it ok and altex is good if you can get it.

  21. Phil Rogers

    Phil Rogers

    År siden

    You may want to consider putting the limber holes at the very bottom so that water will drain better.

  22. Dan Lucci

    Dan Lucci

    År siden

    Rather than PPG I’d go with either Hempel or international Paints. Both make a great product, with consistent color.

  23. waketheoblivious


    År siden

    I suspect his programming days are numbered. Sail Life will likely become the worlds premier Sailing Surveyor. His survey could easily impact a purchase price by +- 50%. Couple thousand dollars for this man's opinion could either confirm a premier price or save the buyer a fortune. Does Ava enjoy scheduling and bookkeeping?

  24. Sailing Albedo

    Sailing Albedo

    År siden

    Mad you have used the original Warrior 38 as pretty much a template for the boat you're building. Love your work and channel.

  25. James Linderman

    James Linderman

    År siden

    Great job with the bilge & all but why didn’t you seal & paint the underside of the sole before you glues & screwed it down. It’s obliviously going to get wet down there. And on the same note you even mention about sealing the ply for the chain plates & lasting forever. All the same great job.

  26. S/V Adma

    S/V Adma

    År siden

    I doubt that PPG mixed the paint. That is probably the work of your reseller. I wouldn't leave PPG and mix in other brands on my boat! So happy that I finally have a consistent paint system that I can overcoat for ever!

  27. Pete Halford

    Pete Halford

    År siden

    Athena...the boat that keeps on giving ...I mean.. taking

  28. Dan and Yong

    Dan and Yong

    År siden

    Just noticed an issue, check out SailingBritican for their copper coat nightmare. Maybe something there will save you trouble

  29. rhirwin10


    År siden

    Mads, I think you may wish to tone down the continually improving structural integrity of Athena. Alternately, the Danish government might claim your vessel for ice breaker service or coastal guard of Greenland for defense from the USA. .

  30. Uri Belov

    Uri Belov

    År siden

    Wow! First time on youtube you've put nice backmusic. As for the paint, buy two and mix together, or get completely different color for both.

  31. SV/Fat Bottom Girl

    SV/Fat Bottom Girl

    År siden

    hey mads love your videos you might want to think about just mixing the two paints together then you'll have double the amount of one color just saying.

  32. Wayne Kittle

    Wayne Kittle

    År siden

    I DID like your videos until I noticed you wearing a shirt from THAT other school in Michigan. jk love all your videos.

  33. John Murphy

    John Murphy

    År siden

    A true 9 on the spiffiness scale!priceless

  34. Ronald Warren

    Ronald Warren

    År siden

    Carry on my wayward son.

  35. t K

    t K

    År siden

    Born and raised in Michigan!! Love seeing the shirt Mads :D.

  36. William Hoskins

    William Hoskins

    År siden

    SUCH NICE WORK AND EFFORT ! have a great week. Love TURBO mode , so exciting to watch her coming together..smiles from California, namaste.

  37. Robert P

    Robert P

    År siden

    It’s really a shame what wasn’t done at the factory resulting in the extensive rotted wood vs wood if sealed would last forever. Including the stringers and bulkheads. The added effort at the factory would be nothing more than a nickel and dime job. Damn shame. Very common though in boat construction.

  38. Gene Roll

    Gene Roll

    År siden

    FWIW, when I was a merchant seaman our bosun used to add a different color to our paint when we were doing multiple coats. Kept us honest.

  39. Terri Swig

    Terri Swig

    År siden

    you got a real LEMON

  40. Yurek Vigo

    Yurek Vigo

    År siden


  41. M Watkins

    M Watkins

    År siden

    Mads we need at least a 30 minute video please!!! It has to last us a week!!! Great video I just wanted to be entertained longer ha ha 🤪😂🥳😎😎👍👍👍

  42. WreckDiver99


    År siden

    1:18 GREAT selection of shirts. Too bad when you come over that the wreck diving season will be over here in Michigan...nothing like hitting 30M~35M to see the Eber Ward (a wooden schooner)...just amazing...

  43. Steve Bufe

    Steve Bufe

    År siden

    love this Mads, but I'm not sure I would have stayed the course this long. But then again, it's always one more thing on a boat.

  44. Champs Visions 3D

    Champs Visions 3D

    År siden

    Attention friend I had a situation where I had to dry a camper. it had water leak. we covered the leak. then i install a dehumidifier (the drain in the bath) in the camper let it run for a week. the next week we had full dryied woods studs. and in the black reservoir i had nearly 1 third on the tank. water i got out from the walls. I strongly suggest you do this for a few day to really dry up(don't use that bilge or it will cycle true get the water out with hose on the dehumidifier) the wood of the boat. Try it you won't regret. btw i love the video. To see that turning it too a sailing boat wow You will deserve that time on the ocean, you work very well!

  45. jim jeffries

    jim jeffries

    År siden

    When battling relentless advisories like water/gravity, always good to have repetitive solutions. Why not glass where you can on the inside & the outside, with just a bit of luck your mistakes won't line up. Keep up the great work. Quality always takes time, keep enjoying the journey

  46. Frank Bunker

    Frank Bunker

    År siden

    Why not mechanically fasten the floor boards so you can pull them up if need be? I've always hoped for better access to the bilge and areas under the floor boards on my boats. Great vids!

  47. David Nash

    David Nash

    År siden

    taking another year! impressive work, what is the budget? I can see that you don't live aboard during the refit!

  48. Fred Pinczuk

    Fred Pinczuk

    År siden

    Please rename the boat brand, its no longer a Warrior. And frankly doesn't deserve that name, so much for being made proudly in the UK.

  49. Baldr


    År siden

    So much work. Way to go Mads (?)! It's been a couple of years since I watched your videos but hopefully I got the name right. You were a great inspiration leading up to buying my first boat and preparing it to sail that summer. Your positive attitude can not be matched! Fair winds and greetings from Norway

  50. Florina Torina

    Florina Torina

    År siden

    For the last two Videos sanding and painting, I missed Mads cleaning up and had the strange feeling, the dust is getting into my nose.... I even wanted to blow away the dust at 16:10 🤣🤣🤣 guess my brain doesn't manage the timelapses well.... too used of Mads spiffy work after watching him for years now.

  51. MrCrabbing


    År siden

    I had a boat that was like that glassed on the inside and open on the outside of the joint, I ragged out the outside of the joint and sanded in the gap with folded 80 grit paper, let it dry right out in the summer, blasted it out with the air line and filled the joint around wit Sikaflex, taped to keep the edges neat and that worked a treat it stopped my intermittent leaks down the inside of the hull.

  52. Howard White

    Howard White

    År siden

    With all the discoveries you have made about the work of that boat yard, is there a strong recommendation for a Warrior 38???

  53. MrCrabbing


    År siden

    I like you have soothing chopping out music and exciting banging sanding music

  54. 20bs


    År siden

    The only bilge I would eat my dinner off of! Looks sweet!

  55. Johann Wolf

    Johann Wolf

    År siden

    I'm exhausted... but I know it's hard working alone... so I show up. :)

  56. Sailing Winifred

    Sailing Winifred

    År siden

    Hey Mads - I just finished the waterline-up on my hull, and have been extremely happy with the International Yacht Paints - Pre-Kote, Toplac, Danboline and Interdeck. Danboline is great for inside and out where a very hard wearing cover-all paint is needed! I havent tried the Two-pack paints... Check out my Insta (@sy_winifred) for results... Cheers!

  57. Alessandro Tempo

    Alessandro Tempo

    År siden

    For the colour match you should have a look at the batch number... By the way it's annoying if it's the same RAL number and then it's different..

  58. Chuk Wow

    Chuk Wow

    År siden

    My guess is that this episode was not sponsored 😁

  59. bluejeans725


    År siden

    Great progress Mads, looking really good and a good solution to do keyhole surgery where the deck and hull aren't sealed behind the bulkheads. Disheartening to say the least but cannot be left to leak forever. An opportunity to install wiring conduits at the same time maybe. Commiserations on the toe rail project. What were they thinking when they built it ? Warranty period only ? ? Unbelievable to leave a water path straight to the chainplate core.

  60. Me MyselfandI

    Me MyselfandI

    År siden

    Make America Greenland Also. BTW, my hull is 1/4” steel.

  61. nitescu valentin

    nitescu valentin

    År siden

    I think those two cans of paint come from different batches, even different factories.

  62. Garland Garrett

    Garland Garrett

    År siden

    Sigma should send you enough paint to finish the boat for free....assuming they can produce it from the same batch, thus -the same color. ;)

  63. TheFundean


    År siden

    Just wondering what computer you use for rendering videos and what software? Also great video!

  64. iamthetarget52


    År siden

    I have two request. 1. More Glorious Sanding ... 2. More baby powdered Mad ... ;)

  65. tod mills

    tod mills

    År siden

    Note to self: absolutely, positively, must glass both the inside and the outside of the hull to deck joint of any boat I ever work on.

  66. Time of your life

    Time of your life

    År siden

    Any chance of a LIVE Working on Athena video.

  67. MiQ Bohlin

    MiQ Bohlin

    År siden

    This is a great never ending story of glorious fun and patience. It’s very thrilling that the refit extends every now and then. We’re all looking forward to see you sail off into the sunset, but loving it’s not going to happen too soon. 🛠⛵️⏳

  68. Chase Mixon

    Chase Mixon

    År siden

    is it just me, or are your videos like a three day weekends, at the first part of the video I'm like oooh I have 15 more minutes, then when you say that will be in next weekend's video, I'm nooo it can't be over already... :(

  69. gilliy


    År siden

    Hey Mads, I love your Videos and i am watching every episode. Literally. I was wondering if you don't have any concern of the Epoxy plugs popping out. There will be quite some force and the question is if the bond is strong enough. The force will be parallel to the wood surface so that the plug will be pressed against that. But the wooden core might get sqeezed a bit, right? Also the compound might shrink ab bit in these big holes. I thought it might be necessary to again use the bevel technique? What is your experience?

  70. Aaron Allen

    Aaron Allen

    År siden

    They (PBG)should make it up to a guy who’s audience will now second guess the paint selection world wide. Quality control on a yacht should not be a question, but a rule. He buys cheap hole saws, not paint. Haha

  71. greg work shop

    greg work shop

    År siden

    hi the boat is looking good

  72. runristaren2


    År siden

    Keep up the good work and exposing all those mistakes made by the builder at first. 👍

  73. Jon Madsen

    Jon Madsen

    År siden


  74. MsSnail75


    År siden

    Dinsdale Piranah yes , you are right. All these issues would have to be considered. You may even need new chainplates and longer stays. There are costs and benefits to every approach, short term and long term.

  75. magnumpunch


    År siden

    You are a proper danish resilient product of danmark super parenting.

  76. Ulf Tornert

    Ulf Tornert

    År siden

    Your positive attitude towards finding out about more problems, and your relentless stamina in fixing all of those is nothing short of phenomenal! You are such a Champion!

  77. Trevor Lees

    Trevor Lees

    År siden

    When drilling through thick wood with a hole saw I have a tip for you it's one extra step but it does help. start your hole normally and once the pilot drill goes through the wood and you have an outline of the hole from the teeth of the hole saw stop,remove drill and with another drill if you have, drill one or two holes in the teeth tracks a 6mm drill bit woks well, then carry on drilling with your hole saw the holes you drilled with the 6mm bit seem to help with the heat and saw dust

  78. Virgel Mccluskey

    Virgel Mccluskey

    År siden

    Another great video. You are truly an inspiration for any diy person. Keep up your great work

  79. Casey Dixon

    Casey Dixon

    År siden

    I use altex coatings ovetr here in new zealand. good quality and a large range of products.. not sure if you'll get it were you live though

  80. CathyBruce Ross

    CathyBruce Ross

    År siden

    Any chance they built Athena on a Friday afternoon? Any boat builder worth their salt would have taken better care of the primary joint on every boat - whether power OR sail. The deck-hull joint!

  81. laxmannate07


    År siden

    Time to add another year and a half to your timeline lol

  82. Urban Deployment

    Urban Deployment

    År siden

    Speaking of synthetic, a guy named Teal on his channel Onboard Lifestyle. Has done some amazing things with honeycomb board

  83. Pez Pengy

    Pez Pengy

    År siden

    as always a wonderfully spiffy video! great work! i was wondering if there is enough room in your bilge to use a winch handle to open that cover over the deeper parts? it looks winch-handley (is that a word?) but even my itty bitty winch handles dont look like they;d fit in there. really looking forward to your next update!!! :)

  84. Alan Abrams

    Alan Abrams

    År siden

    Ex-PPG quality engineer here.... The reason you see a visible color difference is because color isn't a primary quality metric in most functional (as distinct from "decorative") coatings. It's entirely likely that both lots of paint were within the manufacturing spec, just at opposite ends of the acceptable range, which wouldn't be entirely unusual. You should definitely keep a "master standard" for your projects and always use it as reference when buying paint as the color from the factory can be adjusted to your specific need. This is pretty much industry standard for functional coatings, and you will have similar challenges from the other major manufacturers if you try to apply a decorative standard to a functional coating. If you're happy with the performance of the PPG, keep using it and plan to adjust the color match as needed. If you have a performance issue, just know that your color issue may crop up with other manufacturers, too.

  85. Chris Hubbard

    Chris Hubbard

    År siden

    Excellent video as always

  86. Night Rider

    Night Rider

    År siden

    Great job enjoy watching your channel wish I could find more doing this kind of work if there is I can't find them lol keep up the good work and have a great day

    • Night Rider

      Night Rider

      År siden

      Thanks 😊

    • Dinsdale Piranah

      Dinsdale Piranah

      År siden

      Try : "Rebuilding Tally Ho", "Brupeg" and "Boatworks Today" for starters... but this is my favourite.

  87. The Journey of Malu

    The Journey of Malu

    År siden

    Mix the two paints together to create a new color 🙄

  88. Kia Kaha

    Kia Kaha

    År siden

    “Good enough for government work”. Love it mate. Keep up the great attitude, it is so nice to see such a fantastic work ethic being done with a smile.

  89. Jim Anderson

    Jim Anderson

    År siden

    Just got to say.... 2 steps forward 3 steps back... been watching from the very start. Im just saying.. 2030 here weeee come look out!! ⛵⛵⛵⚓ Chin up its its gotta get better . Fairwinds from the @captains.chair

  90. Mike B

    Mike B

    År siden

    Here is a little life hack to make drilling out holes with a hole saw. Take your hole saw and start to drill out your hole. just enough to mark the outer edge. next take the largest drill bit you can handle and drill a hole to the inside of the hole saw where it intersects with drill bit leaving plenty of meat in between the pilot hole of the hole saw what this will do is give a place where the gullet of the hole saw can clear it self thus keeping the saw dust from over heating and burning and will make the action of drilling a hole quicker.

    • JAFO


      År siden

      Excellent tip.. thanks!

  91. Doug


    År siden

    Are the chain plate holes structural ?

    • JAFO


      År siden

      Yes. They're part of what stops the mast from falling down.

  92. Gary Kelly

    Gary Kelly

    År siden

    I hope you got that boat for free. I would love to know if you had a survey prior to purchase as it seems you did not. Will you ever reveal the final cost of this rebuild? Great work!

  93. Jan Hansen

    Jan Hansen

    År siden

    questions ???, where have you found the music that is there occasionally

  94. Benters


    År siden

    You deal with the hardships in a wonderful manner. But you must be very disappointed, not to say angry, at the shoddy construction methods employed in the original yard.

  95. Chris Nolan

    Chris Nolan

    År siden

    Alexseal is a great product and easy to learn. Not sure if you can get it in Europe but check it out.

  96. Travis J I Corcoran

    Travis J I Corcoran

    År siden

    The most important thing I've learned from this series is to build a steel boat like S V Seeker, and not a wood / fiberglass hybrid!

    • JAFO


      År siden

      The thing with steel boats is that you will spend the rest of your life chipping and grinding rust, and re-painting areas, every few months. Fibreglass and/or wood are a lot less work/cost to maintain.

  97. mike smith

    mike smith

    År siden

    I cringe when I see all the incredible work you did under the cabin sole and you did not turn them into integral tanks. My estimate, which is hard to imagine, is there are about 200 gallons, possibly 300 gallons, under the sole which you could have converted into integral fuel, water, or holding tanks. Then you could take all the volume, where you have externally constructed tanks above the sole, and turn that into usable storage. Think Caliber Yachts if you want an example.

  98. Mike New Zealand

    Mike New Zealand

    År siden

    By the look of the clothes your wearing looks like the Denmark summer is over!!? 😂lol

  99. Steve Burton

    Steve Burton

    År siden

    That has to be the absolute worst design for a hull deck joint that I've ever seen. No wonder your chainplate knees look like they've been submerged for 30 years.

  100. travis


    År siden

    That primer really ties the room together.

    • travis


      År siden

      Oh that one is grey the other is mill white. Thumbs down.